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Default Buffy's Hiding Again

On 2021-05-27 7:23 p.m., jmcquown wrote:
On 5/27/2021 3:29 PM, Judith Latham wrote:
at least she's more comfortable now. Purrs and prayers. Hopefully you'll
have more quality time together.



Thank you.* Last night she slept curled next to me and when I woke up
she did upside-downy-head and purred and made me smile.

I do hope we will have more time together without her being in any sort
of pain.* She is sitting on my lap right now, purring and feeling better
thanks to the pain meds.* I'm giving her hugs and scritches every chance
I get.* Unfortunately, she also thinks I'm going to pop her back into
the carrier and take her to the scary place where they poke and prod and
stick her with needles.* When I go anywhere near where it's stored she

Unfortunately, she's still not eating much. * I have a liquid appetite
stimulant to add to her food but it doesn't do a heck of a lot of good
if she won't eat.* What she doesn't understand is if she eats she'll
feel better and I *won't* pop her into that carrier and take her to the
scary place any time soon. sigh

It's so impossible to explain to them that "this is for your own good!"
I'm glad she does seem to be feeling a little better and sleeping with
you instead of hiding away. Each day can be something to enjoy. I've
often thought that cats, unlike humans, don't spend time anticipating
the worst. They just live each day as it comes.