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Mich Somday
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Jacqueline wrote in message :

Oh yes, I'd like a giraffe! ;o) Once saw a conservation programme
about them and the host (Joanna Lumley, dunno if she's known in the
states) said the problem with us Brits is we build our houses too
small. If we built taller ones we could all have a giraffe each! Make
that woman Prime Minister!

I've seen Joanna Lumley on the T.V. I know that I can never have a
giraffe, living where I live, but it doesn't stop me from wanting one.
You don't have to build fences, you just have to dig ditches! I've
always been fond of backhoes.....

Anyhow, I'm setting my sights a bit smaller now, I suppose. Hubby
says I can get a civet, a fennel fox or a Canadian Lynx. As a cat
fiend, I'm leaning toward the lynx. I have friends who breed them,

Jacqueline, honey....beware the billy goat!!!! Not only do they smell
bad, but they tend to hump anything and everything! I have wonderful
video, though, of Boris butting heads with a 3-month old bull calf.
They were playing "King-of-the Hill" with a bale of hay. VERY cute!

Kindest Regards,