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On 8/3/2018 1:21 PM, Tina wrote:
On 01/08/2018 23:32, joy wrote:
My cats Pickles and Koala free feed.* I have two small bowls of kibble
down at all times.* Between those two bowls I have one of their water
bowls.* Every day when I change the water there is at least one piece
of kibble floating in the water, and sometimes two or three.* Since it
is this regular, it has to be deliberate.* To me, it makes the water
smell really fowl.

The mystery is, is one of the cats putting the kibble in the water
because they like the way the water tastes, or because they know the
other cat doesn't like it, and will then be forced to drink out of the
other water dish?

Cats are not capable of doing this deliberately, their brains don't work
that way.* What is probably happening is they eat, and then decide to
have a drink afterwards, and there is some kibble still in their mouth
when they drink, which then goes into the water.
I think it's that simple, tbh.

That may be the case. However, I do think cats are capable of
deliberate thinking. Persia (RB) once opened the pantry door. She
maneuvered around the trash bin on the floor and knocked a can of Fancy
Feast down off the second shelf. The FF was sitting next to a same size
can of chopped green chillie peppers but she knew which can to go for.
Then she scooted it to the middle of the kitchen floor and sat next to
it, waiting for me to come in. I *know* that was a deliberate act! She
only ever got FF on Sunday as a treat. She pulled this trick on a