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Default dry run on having kittens

possum possum wrote:

last night the cat came inside crying, licking herself,
wandering around, then went into a box in the closet
I setup a month ago. As long as I sat there with her,
talking to her, she was fairly calm. When I walked away
she got anxious again, followed me around the house,
crying. She finally calmed down.

Only occasionally does she even look pregnant. When she
sleeps I can see a little bump. She only mated with one
cat, so I wonder if she will only have one or two kittens?
She's not a very big cat. She's a sweet little cat. She
follows me around like a little puppy.

You can find information by searching the Internet. Very useful. I
knew the day she (mine) was going to have kittens.

They start having cramps/labor or something like that. It should be
obvious. Just hours before they have the kittens. I think they start
meowing/howling or something, I forget. Then it stops. Hours later,
it starts again. And so on. You can find the information easily

Paper towels are my thing. I have about 30 rolls on hand, three
different types. And of course clean paper towels are great for
cleaning up messes and providing clean bedding.

I wanted to use Astroturf, but that doesn't work at first, you just
need to play it by ear. Of course it had the kittens right on the
carpet instead of any one of the clean places I had set up for it.

When you search, you will see an emphasis placed on making sure it's
warm. Kittens are prone to chilling death. Especially if the mother
has to be gone sometime.

You really should bring it in and don't let it get pregnant again.

Good luck and have fun.