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Sylvia and P2nya
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Default Infurrmashun pleeze

"Amelia T Cat" wrote in message
On 8/10/15 11:24 PM, Sylvia and P2nya wrote:
Whichkittee ur hoomin keepz the Calling of the Names for the Jellical
or the Walk of Rememberance lists, pleese?

We are trying to get the Ocifurrz of Cat America Lizt updated..

Grand Pooh Bah

Miz Grand Poobah, the introduction to the Walk of Remembrance is at, and the walk itself is at

I believe the list is maintained by Azad. My human will email you Azad's
human's email address.


Fangu, Amelia.
I wented there and found :
Voodoo, House of Rennie
Cinnamon, House of Olds
Mr. Growl Tiger,of the Fur Conspiracy
Little Kitty, House of Steele
His Royal Feline Lordship Tiger; House of Williams
Charlie, House of Babcock

Let's check to see ho'z still on ower loizt...
and can yu fynd others?

P2nya, who'z meiowmee wunt stay at da pooter,
(she iz shayerink it wiff PawPaw attid da momint).