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hi I am looking for a ragdoll cat I want to get a female (not for breeding)
but as a companion. I have longed for a ragdoll for so long I can pay for
one but I cant pay anything that isnt reasonable.My hubby also wants one and
let me tell you about him this is our second marriage my first marriage was
abusive and i had alot of walls he had to knock down. He did it and he loves
me unconditionally he works 12 hours a day and never takes vacation I am
home I only work very part time so I would have alot of time to devote to a
ragdoll does anyone know where I could find one reasonable? thanks star

This is a rescue group. I think most people here would tell you to go
to an animal shelter and select a beautiful, loving cat to be your
companion. Take a look at for ragdoll mixes and look
alikes available at shelters nationwide. I would never reccomend
buying a cat from a breeder.