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I just had to reply with my story. I have wanted a rag doll for a
very long time. I have a cat that is very much like a ragdoll (maybe
part) but he is aging so I wanted my next companion to be great like
he is. I do not like "pure breed" anything not to mention paying for
a paper to get a pet. I gave up the idea and just decided to visit
our shelter. Low and behold there were a ragdoll mix litter they just
received (not even processed yet)! Talk about timing! The mother was
there also and was listed as a ragdoll by owner (beautiful torte point
with pretty blue eyes). The "sire" was unknown. I took home one blue
point and one almost entirely white cream point, two blue eyed little
cuties bouncing with hybrid vigor. You never know what you may find
at your shelter.

I got a very clear minds eye picture of your new cats. You write very
well. And if I'm right, they are adorable.