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You raise a valid point on the collars. I wish I could answer that but I
can't. None of my fosters (one which is trying to help me type at the
moment) have ever come home with a collar on them. I don't know why, my
guess is they are young, but even adults I've fostered don't have one.
However, when they get adopted then they get a collar. I've never asked
why, never really thought about it.

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Because she has no ownership rights to the cats, they belong to the

she fosters for. Up to shelter if they want to microchip.

That's an argument against chipping, but not against sticking a collar on


If it's not a
no-kill and they euthanize, it would be a waste of money for them to
microchip an animal that doesn't get adopted (sad but true).

True enough. Chipping in cheap, but I guess it all adds up.