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Default Sleeping Habits and Kitty Kisses

John Kasupski wrote:

On Fri, 10 Feb 2017, jmcquown wrote:

Despite her best efforts I will never get out of bed to play with her at
3 o'clock in the morning.

She doesn't bring you a golf ball so you can play with her without getting
out of bed? Minnie has done it to me with a shoelace. I woke up feeling
paws tickling my feet and sat up to find her standing on the floor on her
hind legs at that end of the bed with her paws resting gently on my toes
and her head peeking up at me with a rawhide shoelace dangling from her
mouth. If there's a way she could possibly make her message any clearer
than that, I don't know what it is.

Any clearer *or* any cuter! Licky does something similar. Well, he used to,
but I didn't give him what he wanted, so he's stopped. In the middle of the
night, I would wake up to him yowling by the bed. So I'd turn on the light,
and there he'd be, sitting on the floor by the bed, looking up at me
expectantly, with a ball or other toy sitting on the floor in front of him.
Adorable! But I didn't dare encourage it - I have enough trouble getting
adequate sleep as it is. Instead, I'd say, "Oh, come here Licks, let me
pet you," and he'd come over and rub his head on my hand. That seemed to
satisfy him and then he'd let me go back to sleep.

May the great galactic kitten always purr you to sleep.