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Marie Lawrence
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From my experience as a breeder, a cat's temperature drops below normal
before birth.
Realising that you can't take her temperature per rectum, try feeling her
ears. After establishing what they normally feel like, you will notice
that they feel quite chilly up to 24 hours before the birth. Worth a try,
Marie in OZ

"Jo Firey" wrote in message
OK my next bet is Monday AM between midnight and 6am. But still think no
more than four kittens.

I figure she will want to keep you on your toes during the superbowl.


"Tanada" wrote in message
She hasn't blown up into little kitty pieces yet. She comes out when no
one is in the room, and will even come out when one of us is in the room,
so long as we are quiet.

She is currently sleeping underneath Mandy's bed.

Pam S. pacing back and forth