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I work for a small independant telecommunications company by day and teach 2
sessions of art online for Saint Leo's Uni the rest of the time. Once a
month I troubleshoot internet problems for another small company. (I don't
know why, but they don't want me to completely quit. ) There you go. Keeps
'em in kitty beds.

"Tanada" wrote in message
Ok, I'm curious. What does everyone in here do for tuna money? I know
we have some, ok a lot, of computer geeks, educators (or what passes for
one) and so forth. You don't have to be any more specific than you
want, but I confess to being extremely curious. If you're currently out
of work, you don't have to say so, just list your career field.

I am a Substitute Teacher for Cumberland Co. North Carolina, married to
a Blackhawk mechanic/inspector who is medically retired from the US army.

Pam S.