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Default Sleeping Habits and Kitty Kisses

jmcquown wrote:

Buffy curls up next to me when I go to sleep. That's nice. When I turn
over, she feels she has to leap over me and curl up on the other side.
It seems she has to be on the same side of the bed I'm facing.

I love that she wants to sleep next to me. Truly! But it's bad enough
I'm rather restless. She needs to move, too? Sometimes I just want to
stretch out without a furry lump in the way.

Cats seem to expand, mysteriously and exponentially. They take up half
the bed without even trying.

This morning Buffy decided around 3AM she wanted to play. She tapped my
side and gave me kitty kisses on my face to wake me up. How sweet!

Problem is, I didn't want to wake up and play. I'm not nocturnal!
She's got toys all over the living room. I know she plays with those
golf balls in the middle of the night. I see evidence they've moved the
next day.

I digress. At 3AM, I opened my eyes, saw Buffy sitting there looking
all cute. Awwww! I gave her some scritches on her neck, blinked at her
sleepily and said "kitty kisses, thank you." Then I said, "It's not
time yet." Closed my eyes and ignored her. She figured it out and
curled into me so I was (thankfully) able to get back to sleep.

Despite her best efforts I will never get out of bed to play with her at
3 o'clock in the morning.

A very bad idea, if you don't want her waking you up to play at that hour.

Something Licky does when we're having a cuddle is that if I start to fall
asleep, he moves or makes a noise to jolt me out of it. He never lets me just
drift off. I don't know how he knows I'm falling asleep. Maybe he hears my
breathing change. Or maybe it's simply that I stop petting him. How dare I
stop petting him!

Eventually I realize that if I want to go to sleep any time soon, I have to
kick him out, which I try to do in a subtle way, so that he thinks it's his


A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going
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