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Default The Case Of The Stolen Shoelace

On 1/18/2017 2:26 PM, Joy wrote:
On 1/18/2017 2:26 AM, John Kasupski wrote:

When she sees me finally put the scoop away, she helps put on the
touches by jumping inside and happily putting several paw prints in
the filler
that I've just carefully smoothed out nice and even on top for her. I
call that
getting her stamp of approval. :-)

John D. Kasupski
Niagara Falls, NY

LOL! I understand some cats wait for the box to be cleaned so they can
immediately get in and use it.


Buffy won't use the litterbox (which is in the room with the tub &
toilet; the vanity/sink area is separate) if I'm still in the room. She
will, however, use it as soon as I've finished scooping and have walked
out towards the sink area. I guess she's a bit shy.