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Steve Crane
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I'm going to ask you politely again. Since you took it upon yourself to
fabricate lies about me on the issue of declawing, I'm waiting for you to
apologize. You are completely ducking me. Perhaps you're not woman enough to
admit a lie when you are caught in it? I sure hope you teach your kids better
than you are behaving here on this ng. This isn't the first time you've been
caught lying on this newsgroup, yet you never apologize. You're great at
attempting to label people you don't agree with as trollish and then attack
their character with made-up lies. If you want to retain any shred of
credibility, you'll speak up and apologize. I predict you won't, since you
don't have a precedent of retracting your lies, only accelerating them. Let's
see if you do the right thing. I highly doubt it. You'll just prove me right,
once again!

I'm guessing the definition of probity and integrity are missing from
some folks education and you will not get a response.