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Default Purrz n Prayerz Needed fur uh Erfqwake Feb 13

ai m sew gwad mai bootiful wink iz umkay tew Piglett, yew r rite ubaowt wat
yew sed. yeUP Mosey

Fank Bast for di gud newz. We haz been cheking all diz nite for diz newz.
MeOwy gamby sayz her is too ole for diz, u shud alwayz show up soon so da
hoomanz knowz u iz ok. Piglett settling down on the ben for a much needed

On Feb 13, 7:59 pm, MLB wrote:
On 02/13/2012 06:38 PM, Mosey =^..^= wrote:

O hai mai furendz

Mai wink, Meowy, iz mizzing cuz hur n hur meowmie wuz en uh erfqwake diz
murning en Catilfurnia.
Et wuz uh 5.5 on dat riktur skale fingy.
Wuz inny uthur kitty heer en dat qwake?
Et wuz neer EurEeka, wich iz en Norf Catilfurnia.
Pweez send sum purrz n prayers dat mai bootiful Meowy iz faownd sayfe n
Fank yew sew mutch


Weez reeli purin fur dem tu bea saf. Mi meowmi is an erfcake wacher on
da 'puter. Da erf is resles. TuTu

All is OK, no aftershocks. It was a 5.6; shook the house a lot, but
no damage. The epicenter was near Weitchpec, a small mountain town
east of here (Eureka), and I imagine they felt it pretty good there.
It's at the Hoopa Indian Res, so maybe the Great Spirit was hurking.
Meowy is ok, but she took her time showing up. Thanks for the purrs.

I wuv purrs. Fangu. MeOwy