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Default HELP! Kittens

DH came home with these two bitties tonight.

The pictures are blurry but I was trying to get a shot of the
relationship in size of the little one to the larger one. I'm not
sure how old the little one is. Can anyone get an idea from this
picture? Should I be bottle feeding the little one? The siamese
looking one is about 6" long. As you can see the little one is even
smaller. It looks like his have changed from blue so maybe he's older
than he looks. DH said they found them on the loading dock at work.
I'm giving them kitten milk. He said they both drank some sweetened
condensed milk (which was all they had this afternoon). They are so
adorable. I'll get better pics later. I'm haven't eaten yet and
getting a little hungry. Had to go out and buy a kennel, kitten food,
a bitty litter box, etc. Life has been crazy, crazy here and now it
has gotten even more so.