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Default HELP! Kittens

Thanks for your comments, Mishi and Pam. I am giving them KMR right
now. The Siamese has drank from the bowl, the little bittie has not
yet. Rusty said the little one did drink when it was really hungry
this afternoon. I'm concerned about them giving it sweetened condensed
milk, but since that was at least 8 hours ago surely it won't come to
harm. I bought some canned kitten food as well as solid. I'm going to
try giving them the canned now that they've calmed down some. Of
course the four, owners had to check them out and then when I stuck my
hand in to get the tiny bittie, the Siamese hissed at me. I had to
laugh! I'll keep you posted on how we're doing. The next big question
is if we can leave them alone tomorrow or if the little one will need
food during the day. I'm trying to get in touch with our cat sitter to
see if she'll help us out.