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On Thu, 02 Aug 2007 23:53:12 -0400, cybercat wrote:

"Charlie Wilkes" wrote in message
On Thu, 02 Aug 2007 07:29:27 -0700, bookie wrote:

sod it, just ****ing steal him, they are obviously irresponsible
owners and don;t deserve him, you will be donig him a favour poor
little thing. at worst he can stay in your garage until they come back
but he CANNOT be left to his own devices like that as he will meet a
sticky end for sure.

if it was here I would call the RSPCA, and if they did not do anything
that very day then i woudl just bloody well take him in, he just can't
be left out like that. sod the neighbours, why do you care if you ****
them off? they obviously don't care for their little furbaby who is
obviously desparately looking for a decent mum to look after him
(could be you!!!).

go on , just get yourself round there now and get him!!!!! what are
yuo aiwtign for??? if there is someone who is comgin once a day to
feed him (which I doubt) then no harm done as you just took him home
to feed him and look after him in the interim. Leave a note out for
any potential pet sitter to read with your details on it so they can
contact you, GO ON!!!!


What's your point, Charlie?

Bookie was addressing Lynne, but Lynne supposedly has killfiled Bookie,
so I bumped the post.