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I have two 1-1/2 year old indoor male altered cats, Mazik and Nudnik.
Six months ago I sold my 2 br condo and moved into a 1 br apartment.
We are allowed one animal. I still have my two.

But Mazik is going crazy here. He is climbing the walls, literally. He
is jumping up onto the door jambs, knock over pictures from the book
shelves, leaping up to look out the peep hole, howling at the door,
etc. at 5:30 am.

I think the space is too small for him. Or for us. I have several
different toys that I keep hidden and take out alternately to play
with for diversion. Doesn't seem to make a difference.

I'm torn because I've had him since baby-hood. But I find myself
feeling angry at him too.

I've been in animal rescue. I know what the deal is out there. I'm

Please, if you are going to yell at me and tell me I am a BAD PERSON,
don't bother replying. I just want REAL suggestions.