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buglady wrote:
On 9/4/2013 3:46 PM, Bill Graham wrote:

I will never forget that cat. He was the light of my life.....

What a great story Bill!
That dog was an emissary making sure you hadn't forgotten your cat!

Yes. I didn't know why he was there untill he lay down on the front door
mat. It was B-K's favorite place to spend the night in the Summertime. It
was also where he lay when he died a month before. The dog lay there with
his head between his front paws, pressed against the doormat, and then I
knew for sure why he was there. He was grieving for his friend. I know how
he felt. - I grieve for him too......

I could call B-K with a dog whistle. When the roving vet came to give B-K
his shots, all I would have to do was blow that dog whistle, and in a few
minutes, B-K would come running down the block, and I would pick him up and
hand him to the vet. What a wonderful cat he was......