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Default Beware of bully cats

My method of coping is humane as possible. That helps make it
a great method. It restricts the bully cats movement only
enough so that it stops terrorizing my other cats. Physical
restraints are used all over in the real world to cope with
behavioral problems. When necessary, using such against a cat
is not abuse, it is constructive.

The opposition reminds me of the cannibal left's denial of
terrorism. A safe bet is that both reply authors are cannibal

My best method so far for coping with a bully cat... Make a
small closed belt perhaps 4 inches in diameter. Very easy to
do with belt/strapping material and hot melt glue. It must be
just the right size. You slip it over their head and pull one
of their legs, paw first, through it. If the size is just
right, they can walk and use the litter box, but they are
somewhat disabled which discourages them from picking on your
other cats. That should be introduced gradually to avoid any
muscle strains. But it is a viable workaround because you can
easily dawn and doff it (put it on and take it off) using two
hands. It stays on. No apparent risk of hanging. In my
opinion, if you must cope with a bully cat, it helps a lot.
Could not be easier to use. Especially good for when you are

Anyone who has lots of experience managing cats knows better
than to think you can verbally stop a cat from doing anything
it wants to do. In the case of a bully cat like mine,
uncorrected, it makes the lives of my other cats living hell.

There are two common charades on the Internet. Being a tough
guy and being holier-than-thou. This troll plays out both...

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On 6/5/2017 1:23 PM, John Doe wrote:
The replies remind me of the cannibal left's view on open
borders and welcoming arms to all comers, no matter how badly
they want to hurt us.

Using a cuff appears to be an excellent real-world solution
to a very difficult real-world problem. Perhaps the poster
has never needed to deal with a bully cat. If the thing can
be placed in a home with no other cats, that would be better,
but that is not the situation here.

So easy to act holier-than-thou on the Internet...

What? You, again, with your brilliant insight into feline personality
and your master plan to physically abuse them into conformity? If the
thing can be rescued from your torture chamber and placed anywhere else,
that would be better.

You're a sick man, an animal abuser and painfully stupid.