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Default Our box has arrifed, too

diz iz totallee unaceptible, owrz hoominz fur onze liztened alla leted uses
opin owrz when it arrifed... in diz itti bitti kompurtimint soft sayed we
kuld take up lezz spaze ifin da box wuz goned, gud fur uses, it wuza
wunnerful box, OEJ
"Samuel Redcat Mahoney" wrote in message
Akchooly, ourz Sekrit Santa box arrifed last week. But our MEAN, MEAN
hoomins hasn't let us open it yet! Dis is completely unjust, since it's
fur usses not dem, but dey still hafn't let us open it.

I'm finking mebbe dey will tonight, since dey will be in Wiscatson
checking on Grampa Clancy and Gramma Betty and hafing a pawty wif Anti
Virginia tomorrow.