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Default Feral cat visitor with fur problem

buglady wrote in news:kN-

...........Depends on where you live. I'm in FL where it's flea central
and if you've got a cat chewing on him/herself, it's liable to be fleas.
.............I picked up a stray kitten that not only had fleas but
feline lice! Everyone in the clinic rushed over to the microscope as
it's pretty rare to see them.

Revolution kills fleas and lice, so I'd go ahead and get some and apply
it. Keep an eye on the cat and if you see no improvement in 3 weeks,

.....Does this cat come in every day for food? If not, could be
malnutrition. Or ringworm, in which case you'll have to dip the cat.

take out the dog before replying

Thanks for the reply. I'm in the UK. Fleas are are common here, although I
haven't seen (or felt) any in my house. Yes, the cat comes in every day for
food. I'll try your flea suggestion, and see if the situation improves. If
not, I'll be thinking ringworm. Many thanks.