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Default Plans for Jellicle Ball 2016

On Friday, September 9, 2016 at 7:38:49 AM UTC-7, Samuel Redcat Mahoney wrote:
As many of youz know, da Jellicle Ball is allez held da last full moon
of October. Dis year dat will happen on October 15. Dat will be a busy
day - mineown hoomin nephew Sean is getting winked dat day!

Anyway, wez need to decide whre we will observe da Jellicle Ball dis
year. I haf a list of ideas below, and would welcome additional ideas,
and comments on dem.

1) Cathenge - a small set of standing stones in Scotland, somewhat
similar to Stonehenge.

2) Ginger Canyon - a small, out-of-the-way little canyon in southern
Catifurnia, right in the middle of the area burned by the Blue Cut fire.
Ginger Canyon was just about da only area dat survived wif no damage,
and is now serving as a refuge fur animals dat were displaced by da fire.

3) Cat Island, off the coast of Ireland. This was the venue for da Ball
in 2009.

4) Catalina Island, California - home of Jocko the diving cat and Big Mama.

5) Der Schloss der Altan Katzen - da home of da Countess Persia

6) Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, Catifurnia

7) Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, Catifurnia

8) Navy Pier in Chicatgo, Illinois

9) Isle a la Chats, Michigan - an island dat’s half in Lake Michigan,
half in Lake Superior. Hoomins never land here - for some reason dey
never see it!

10) Cat Town, near Waitomo, New Zealand. Cat Town is adjacent to the
Glowworm Caves, and the resident cats over the last several hundred
years have excavated a huge cavern, lighted by the glowworms and by
natural geothermal processes.

So, what do you all fink? Any additional ideas?

I like the idea of Isle a la Chats, Michigan . It is QUIET and out of the way, we don't have to worry about nosy HUMANS, and "Isle a la Chats" translates to "Island of the Cats" or "Cat Island".

"Cat Town" in NZ sounds like an exotic place to go -- "Lord of the Rings", and Wizardly stuff. Why I'd be right at home!!!

Misty the Black Panther, Mistress of the Night