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Default Please adopt our lovely cat Orange

On Jun 23, 6:38*pm, wrote:
We are actively seeking a loving home for our cat as we are no longer
able to foster him. Id like to tell you some thing about our
situation: Both my wife and I are getting very busy at work nowadays;
we will be out of the country in August. My parents will come to live
with us soon and they both are allergic to cats. As we are getting
busier, we have less time to pet him. I could see he is not as happy
as before, we just figured it would be time for us to let him go to a
new home.
My wife has had him for 6 years since he was a kitten. He is a really
cute cat, very smart, playful, very attached to people. He follows you
everywhere and runs to doors when you come home. Moreover, he responds
to you 80% of the times when you call his name hed run to you from
upstairs if hes not sleeping.
I am writing to you for help. We are really running out of options. We
dont have experience dealing with rescue groups. It seems they all
just want you to adopt a cat in stead of surrender your cat. The phone
numbers they provide are either not answered or just a wrong number.
And knowing he might be killed is a NO option to us. I would
appreciate it very much if you would give us some advises.

He is an orange, domestic shorthair indoor cat. He is up to date with
all shots, 6 years old but looks much younger in size.