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Default 600 Cats Saved From Becoming Chinese Food After Truck Crash in China

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600 Cats Saved From Becoming Chinese Food After Truck Crash

Do people in India eat cats and dogs, Dr. Jai?

Agence France Presse
Thursday, January 17, 2013

Around 600 cats stuffed into wooden crates and destined
for dinner plates in southern China were rescued by
animal protection volunteers after a truck crash, a
volunteer said on Thursday.

Volunteers hauled the felines from the lorry on Monday
after the accident in the central city of Changsha, said
Xu Chenxin of the Changsha Small Animal Protection
Association. About another 100 were already dead.

Pictures of the rescue, showing volunteers unloading the
crates late at night, were widely shared on Chinese
social media sites.

Many of the cats, which were white and plump, had escaped
or died after being left out in the cold for more than 24
hours. The cats were "clearly" due to be served as food
in southern China, Xu told AFP.

"It was easy to tell they were meant to be eaten, from
looking at the crates you could tell their owners didn't
care if they were alive or dead," Xu said.

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