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Default Cat pregnancy worries

Jimmyness wrote:
Ok youve realy crossed the line,

Sorry if I had offended you, you completely ignored my previous post
and could have easily said so much more nicely and briefly. I tried
checking your previous posts history so as not to "jump to conclusions"
but you have none under this name.

Makeing cruel assumptions just to make yourself feel better is just

Do I feel better?

Again since you -seemed- (by ignoring my post to not even consider
asking the owner about taking the cat to the vet and they can
re-emburse you when they return, and did not even answer the response I
took the time to respectfully write to you say the same thing, what
does it look like?

*Again, why don't you ask your friend about possible solution I
mentioned? (If you already did please just say so, you don't need to be
silent until you blow up again!)

Now here's my assumtion, why dont you try giving a danm about all the
other helpless animals in the world rather than keeping you narrow mind
just on cats.

I do what I can, I have a house full of cats, throwing dogs and other
critters would make it out of control (more so than it already is). I
have given generously to the ASPCA for hurricane rescue and continue to
do so, I'm sure they help all sorts of critters and I expect (hope)
they are honest as to where the money goes.

I too spent a couple hunderd clams on an outside cat that was
abandoned, starved, pregnant, and back to semi ferril. She is now
healty, fixed, would be homless stray kittens aborted, shots,
friendly/loving, and ready for a new home. That was not even MY cat,
you see, we all do what we can so you should not lecture me either, at
least I had the common curtosey to respond to your post. (Actually in
these times I call it "uncommon curtosey" ha ha)


For all I know you may not even be such a rescuer of animals great and
small, you should know that a cat can have kittens in a junk yard
inside an old musty tire! (Not that I'd recommend it) Mulitplying is
not their weak point. But out of curtosey to you and the group I'll
assume your the kind soul you claim to be.

If I offended you, I again appologize, you could have responded earlier
with out the anger (gotta love message boards for that) and prevented
the entire rant. We are all (or should be) on the same side here, Great
Job on all the animals you help, You sond like a great person. GodSpeed
to you Sir.

Happy New Year, Karl.
honda ruehs at cox dot net (aol email is off / spam magnet)