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On Sun, 24 Aug 2008 13:24:20 -0700, Stampir wrote:

Why is that? My family has usually had only one cat at a time. The cats
always seemed
happy. I guess w/two or more they have company and someone to play with

It's usually held that two will be playmates; with three, two will gang ou
on the third. That may or may not be true: three may get along well with
each other, or two will be a team and ignore the third while the third
ignores them; on the other hand, two may never become friends, but they do
provide interest for each other.

Personally, I prefer enough so that there is almost always one handy for
lap duty. Until I got CJ, that took over a dozen - him, I can't get rid
of when I *don't* want a lap cat. The current count (indoor/outdoor cats
living out in the country) is fourteen.


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