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Probably a good ideal to collar and tag (and microchip) the cats.

I can do that for MY cats, but I can't do that for the fosters that I have
90% of the time. The shelter offers microchipping now and then for outside
animals, but it's still a point of discussion whether or not it should for
adopted animals (it's not, currently). And I tend to take the cats that
desperately need socialization - so chances are they won't have the courage
to leap out any windows, but if something should scare them so that they do?
Chances are I won't find them before they're picked up as a stray (again) or
killed by a car or a roaming dog or whatnot.

It won't hurt to ask the foster coordinator, though, if it's alright to have
them collared and tagged with shelter info, at the least.