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Default I hate Catsan litter

My local shop was out of their own brand so I had to buy this!

First of all it's 2.99 a bag okay the own brand I usually buy is 3.45 a bag but a bag of that does both boxes and with a bit left over. This is only enough for one tray but since that was all they had I eked it out over 2 boxes by mixing it with the leftover from the other bag.

Secondly the cats seem to take enormous pleasure in using their box then kicking the stuff out the box. The stuff is like gravel! I've swept it up as much as I can (waiting til I can get the other stuff then the Dyson can clean up properly there's not much of a point diligently sweeping it up and as soon as I've done it listening to a cat throwing it all over the bathroom floor)


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