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Default I hate Catsan litter

On 12/31/2013 11:25 AM, Lisa Katt wrote:
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On 12/31/2013 9:39 AM, wrote:
On Sunday, December 29, 2013 2:33:00 PM UTC-8, Jack Campin wrote:
It also gets white powder everywhere as if you'd been mixing cement.

Tell me about it! I got some of the usual stuff so everyone's happy
but my bathroom floor, I've taken the Dyson over it three times and
washed it and it still looks like I mixed cement in there


Slave of the Fabulous Furballs

Sounds like a horrible product! Didn't the company test market it before
they started selling it?

Last year I got to test some cat litter (well, Persia did). It came to me
in a plain white bag and after using it for a week I answered survey
questions about texture, excess dust, scent, clumping, odor control, etc.


It has been for sale for many years. I never tried it because I and my cat
prefered clumping litter.

I have to wonder why anyone who tested it (IF it was, at some point,
product-tested by cat owners) would like something which sounds so dusty.

Persia isn't particular about cat litter but I much prefer the clumping
litter. Sure, some of it gets on the mat under her box and on the floor
around it. It's not hard to clean up.

Persia's litterbox is in the en suite bathroom. The tub and toilet are
in a separate "room", with a tile floor. That's where her box is. The
wash vanity is in an adjacent separate area. It's *carpeted*. So yes,
some litter gets tracked there, too. But it's not at all difficult to
vaccumm her litter from either the tile or the carpet. Catsan sounds awful!

The brand I buy most often is Cat's Pride. I pay about $3.25 USD for a
10 lb. bag of clumping litter. Comparing that to other brands available
here, such as Tidy Cats and Arm & Hammer, it's a great price for a good