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Default Fudz repurrt frum yurown Sekkaterry of Elder Kitteez

Having bin resintly told dat I duz not hab kidnee dizeez after awl, Meowmie iz changin myown fudz agin. Dis iz a repurrt on da fudz dat haz bin offered to myownself.

When da dum TED first sed dat I had kidnee dizeez an dat I needed speshul fudz, Meowmie started givvin myownself a oshun fisheez flaver of fudz. Dis wuz a patay, an a furry asseptable fud, an I kudnt tell dat it wuz made for kitteez wif kidnee purroblimz.

After a wile, da manufack... mafact... da kumpanee dat makez dat fud changed da flaver frum oshun fisheez to toona. Meowmie didn't reelize dat dere wuz a change kuz da fud lukked da same (a patay) an da dum TED didn't tell her dat it changed. (Akchooly, da TED didnt know, eether. Did I menshun dat dis TED wuz dum?) Dis fud wuz not az gud, so I didnt eet it az much. I even loozed wate.

Finullee, Meowmie notissed dat da fud labul sed a dufferent flaver. Da TED (dis wuz a difurent wun, not da dum wun) sujestid tryin a difurent flaver. So Meowmie gotted a toona wun dat wuz a stoo insted of patay. Dis wyz a furry soopeerier flaver, so I wuyz happee to hav it an ate lotz. I even finded da wate dat I losted.

Not long after dat, two difurent smarter TEDs sed dat I duznt hav kidnee dizeez after awl!!! So Meowmie getted me a fud fur seenior kitteez. Today she givved it to me fur da firstest time, an I haz to say dat itz furry yummy! I will be happee to be eetin dis noo fud, an I will keep it in stok at Fluffykitz. If ennee elder kitteez wud like to try it, juss stop by da Fluffykitz warehowse. If I isnt dere, juss ask da awtomatid sistim to giv yoo sum.

Rebecca, VC, Sekkaterry of Elder Kitties