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Rona Yuthasastrakosol wrote:
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Chuckle. I know some kids who would have benefitted from this.

I know some adults who still would :-(. I know I'm going to get
flamed for this, but for a certain segment of the population, I would
be in favour of some sort of mandatory birth control (though I'm not
sure I would go so far as sterilization because I always have hope
that people will change).

I won't flame you. I wish we could sterilize certain people, I really do.
I would love to fix men and women who had abused and/or abandoned children.
There is an organization that will provide long-term birth control to
hopeless addicts who request it. I believe it will also sterilize them for
free if they request it. I can't remember what it's called -- anyone know?



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