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M.C. Mullen
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"Kalyahna" schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| "whayface" wrote in message
| ...
| Get someone to stay at your place when repair people or anyone has to
| enter the place!!
| Very simple.
| Not so simple. My family is three hours away, and the only people I know
| well enough in town to ask to check in on my cats are my co-workers, and
| vast majority of them work the same days and schedules that I do, or have
| other jobs, or school.

I have absolutely *no* problem leaving dear cats alone for a weekend as long
as they have enough food and water.
If I go away for a longer period (which does not happen very often), then I
'employ' someone like other cat people in the area and vice versa.
With the dog it's different: 6 hours is the absolute maximum, otherwise I
can luckily give her to my mother or a friend or even the shelter.