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Default Advice solicited about flying with cat

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On 23 Apr 2006 07:43:47 GMT, Brandy Alexandre

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Note also they have rules that will not allow you to let him out for
any reason during the flight (though celebs seem to do this all the
time). I was also concerned about allergies and such, but since
airline policy allows you to be there, stand your ground with
complainers and make sure they move before insisting you do.

I would rather sit somewhere else than get into a ****ing contest that
the flight attendant has to deal with.

But, I've already bought my ticket, and I haven't yet called the
airline to ask about the cat. The more I think about it, and weigh
the comments I have gotten from you and Mary, the more I am inclined
to leave Tweaker in the care of my tenants. He knows them and he is
friends with their dogs, one of whom is curled up on the couch with
him at this moment. They are nice people, and they know how much he
means to me.


The one comment I would make about that is to be sure that they are
reliable -- not just honest, but reliable in the sense that they will
carefully follow any feeding instructions, take Tweaker to a vet if
necessary, etc. If so, I think cats are better off when they can be left in
their own environment and not subjected to the stress of travel. My cats
"traveled well," but it is not as good as being at home and in the care of
someone who will keep their routine as normal as possible.