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Default Dislocated back leg

Need a bit of advice about a cat who appears to have dislocated his
back leg. It pops out at the top if he misses his footing but he gets
it back himself and, although he doesn't want to walk, he'll make the
effort to get to his food, and then appears to be moving almost
normally. He can use the leg to scratch, which doesn't give him pain,
and generally he looks pretty relaxed when lying flat.
Here in UK we're in the middle of an annual firework festival, which
turns the place into a war zone for several days, and this has
seriously spooked him this year. In view of this I am reluctant to
take him to the vet, especially as it sounds as though there isn't
really a fix for this. If it's going to be an
anaestheticx-raypainkillersrest diagnosis, I'll save him the trauma.

Not actually my cat, but any info I can pass to the owner much