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Seems like it makes sense... we moved a box upstairs, and Roxie already
seems happier. We want to make the computer room Roxie's special spot again.
The minute we brought a litter up, Roxie went like she was holding it for a
week. I think the Juvies were intimidating her away from the basement door,
and the other boxes. By the way, we only have four babies. We'd have more,
but rom prevents it!

BTW, thanks to Susan too, who suggested litter issues!

Blessed be,

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On Sat, 17 Sep 2005 23:53:11 -0400, "Singh"

I had expected it out of Stosh, who's very macho and territorial. Not my
Roxie, my well-mannered, quiet girl.

It started a little over a week ago, when Roxie was getting some alone

with Louie and Odessa came in and butted her out of the way. Roxie got

****ed, boxed Odessa's ears and muttered a few impolite words. And then
Brandy was sleeping on "Roxie's Bed," which is really a pile of clothing
piled in a corner of the dining room table. (Indulgent parents that we

we eat in the living room.) Now Roxie is marking a single spot in the

room, either peeing or dropping nasties.

Have any of you ever dealt with this? Louie and I feel that it's a case

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore," because the

do lord it over Roxie at times. The vet told us a cat reaches social
maturity between three and five years of age. Roxie will be four. Because
it's a single spot in one room, the doctor's ruled out sickness and

we have one mad girl. Now, how to get the mad out of the girl? I've heard
that Feliway is supposed to be quite a miracle worker. And is there

really good and effective at getting pee-smell out of a carpet? Seems

bleach doesn't do much but foul the air. We are noticing subtle

from Stosh and Brandy: guarding the door to the computer room, usually
Roxie's favorite hideout, our barring her from other places where she
usually feels secure. Any help for a couple of frazzled kitty-parents?

Blessed be,

Unless your house is really big there is going to be stress between
the five cats living with you. Roxie needs a place she can feel safe
and she no longer has one. Can you make her a place of her own?

Feliway makes a plug-in for the wall socket that works similar to
plug-in air fresheners, but there isn't a scent that humans notice.
We use it to calm down one of our kitties. Trouble used to "play"
attack Cleo all the time and Cleo was getting paranoid from all the
attacks. Trouble knows no difference between play fight and real
fight, and doesn't know when to quit either, so it was a real problem
for Cleo who was on the receiving end of Trouble's claws and teeth.
Trouble doesn't attack Cleo as much anymore, and Cleo is no longer
paranoid. We continue to use Feliway since it has helped so much.

As for the pee. First, is it possible to put a litter box where Roxie
is leaving it? Maybe she is having problems with the other cats when
entering or exiting the litterbox and is going there simply to avoid
the other kitties. Cleo was being attacked every time she left the
litter box by Trouble and would only go into it when Trouble was
elsewhere. We have multiple litter boxes now so Cleo can always find
an accessible litterbox. For odor removal, try to find an enzyme
cleanser that you can spray on the area. We use a brand called
Petzyme that is sold in pet stores here. It has easy to follow
directions and leaves no residue. We have used it to get up stains
from cat barf on the carpet and to remove anal gland leakage (which
stinks far worse than pee) and it has worked wonderfully. I've even
used it to remove black grease from the carpet successfully. Just
follow the directions on the enzyme cleaner package you buy and I'm
sure you will have an odor free result too. It is well worth the
extra money it costs.

Most of all, make sure each cat has a place to call it's own and the
marking will end.