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Default Controlling fleas by humidity

Yes! Looking better. Keep the humidity below 50% and your inside
cats have no fleas! No fleas means no scabby cat disease (if fleas
are the cause). Besides, fleas are creepy. Reducing the humidity
also helps reduce mold and stuff.

Using the air conditioner has done it so far. But fall/winter is
coming so I might buy a dehumidifier soon. Then the question
becomes exactly how low the humidity must be, and how often and
for how long the dehumidifier must be run in order to keep any
stray flea from reproducing. And that only when the humidity is
above 50%.

I just got wind of the idea that fleas can be controlled by
humidity. We have a very hot summer and I've been using the air
conditioner a lot. It removes tons of water. My male cat's skin
condition has improved to nearly 100%. Apparently it's a
seasonal thing. I'll be prepared from now on. Will use a
dehumidifier as needed. Apparently keeping humidity below 50%
nukes fleas. Sounds like a great solution. No steroids. No

Just bought a humidity meter.