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Default Controlling fleas by humidity

To continue following up...

The humidity meter plus dehumidifier keeping the humidity below 50% has
nuked my male cat's scabby cat disease symptoms that were clearly caused by
fleas. His coat has never been as complete and thick as it is now.

No more fleas, no more excessive licking. Without pesticides, without
steroids, works on every cat in the area without intervention. I think it's
really cool.

I just got wind of the idea that fleas can be controlled by
humidity. We have a very hot summer and I've been using the air
conditioner a lot. It removes tons of water. My male cat's skin
condition has improved to nearly 100%. Apparently it's a seasonal
thing. I'll be prepared from now on. Will use a dehumidifier as
needed. Apparently keeping humidity below 50% nukes fleas. Sounds
like a great solution. No steroids. No chemicals.

Just bought a humidity meter.