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Default Possible Sammy brofur sighting

On Nov 13, 3:37 pm, Ranger Roadkitten Mahoney
Mine Paw has lefted us to go ona trip fur his toona place. I will tell
you all about dat a liddle later - hoomins can be so dense sometimes!
Him is clear across da state in Cedar Falls. When him was there carrying
stuffz into sum place called da Unidome him getted a call on hims phone.
Some hoomin in ourz town finks he might haf seen mine Sammy brofur.

Dis hoomin lifs about 12 blocks away, so its purrty far fur a kitty to
walk. But Sammy is a strong kitty, so it's pozzible. Paw can't get back
to ourz town until tomorrow, so mineown Meowmie is going to come home
and go look fur mine Sammy brofur.

So if youz kitties wouldn't mind, I'z would really apuurciate some purrz
dat dis kitty does torun out to be mine brofur, that him will let
Meowmie bring him home, and dat him is healthy.


Ranger da worried but hopeful Greykitten

Purrs from awl ub usses. Wascal REGYOOLARLY gowes dat far an coms hom
hisownself butted hee is a veterun kitty an gnows da 'hood reel gud. I
hop your broffuer do not get confusled an run weigh sum mor.

Maggy May four Sunrise, Missy, WooToo, Wascal an arf arf from da Bear