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On Mar 10, 7:29 pm, Harri Roadcat
If any kitties iz up fur a pawty, 'port over to ourz howse. Meowmie an
Paw is up in Wiscatsin visiting wif Meowmie's sisfur an her Meowmie an
Paw, and da Dum Dogg is at da dog hotel, so wez haf da whole house to
ourselves. Amelia has bringed some yummies from da FluffyKitz warehouse,
and Sammy is busy mixin up some yummy 'nip cocktayles.

We'zz got da howse to ourselves until late Sunday.

Rather late Caturday nite, a red sportscar roars up and comes in for a
landing. Out pops Missy an WooToo. WooToo heads into the hous and
Missy starts out again, "Im gonna go get Maffew Harold."

"Wascal wuz chekin iffn Piglett wants to partee." says WooToo

Mosey, Meowy, PookyKat, Sqweex BobQat n Mimzy arive n sai hai tew awl uf owr
Pipps iz ulredy heer wif Ranger.
Weh brot sum nip dezzurtz fur usses tew enjoi. yeUP
Fank yew fur inbiting usses.
(nao owr hoominz r goin bak tew bedfur uhwile)

Will in New Haven, typing this late
Kyla near cold Seattle is typing this late too and going back to bed for