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Monique Y. Mudama
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On 2005-02-01, penned:
Hi karen

The room that she is hiding in has a spare bed and dresser. She sits
underneath the bed all day and night. When she was in the cubby hole in the
basement my hubby would play quietly on his xbox down stairs and wait for
her but she never would come out.

I just wish she was more social and wanting affection. I some times wonder
if her previous owners abused her.

Is it possible somehow that the previous owner trapped her as a feral and, not
knowing the difference, gave her to you without warning?

When I got Oscar, I had no idea that getting a cat born in the wild would
probably have some temperament implications. She was still young, though, and
we get along well, although she's still quite skittish.

monique, roommate of Oscar the (female) grouch
Eros was adopted! Eros has a home now! *cheer!*