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How do I get her to trust me?

So you speak softly to her almost like you're cooing or purring? I know that
sounds dumb but they love it. Also, loud noises or fast moves will make her
more fearful. Just find some patience, keep the goodies and treats coming,
and let her get used to you.

The woman who lives in the house where many of the cats are housed for my
local shelter often puts very hard to socialize cats (meaning shy, not
aggressive) in her bathroom with their box and everything they need. (One
cat at a time, needless to say.) She says it is the best way for the cats to
get used to being around a human and see that the human will not hurt them.
She said that the fact that there is no place to hide is a good thing. I am
not sure what I think of this, but thought I would throw it out there.