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Default My Cat Keeps Pawing at his mouth =(

On 6 May, 06:11, Joe Canuck wrote:
bookie wrote:
On 5 May, 23:21, "Riki-Lee" [email protected] wrote:
I am desperately hoping someone can help me with my cat Spotty. Back in
February this year, Spotty was pawing at his mouth almost as if there was
something lodged in there, and tore his mouth up with his claws. I rushed him
to the 24 hour animal hospital where they said he seemed fine and sent me
home with a $200.00 bill and some clavamox and metacam medicine. After the
clavamox was finished (during the time he was taking it he was fine) 2 days
after it was out of his system he started pawing at his mouth again. I took
him to his regular vet who then insisted on having a tooth extraction saying
that was the problem and after that he would be fine. After surgery and a
$629.00 bill he would be on clavamox again for 14 days. He began to noticably
limp after his surgery which I passed off as it being from the IV tube.
During his healing time he was back to being my "little guy" when again after
2 days of finishing his clavamox he was pawing at his mouth again. I took him
back to the vet and he said he was pawing because of the stitches and I
thought he was right. I took spotty back home with some prescribed antirobe
liquid antibiotics and another $100.00 visit. All was fine through the time
he was medicated and even after he finished this medication until about 2
weeks ago when the pawing started again, not lasting for very long. I cut his
claws so that he couldnt do any damage to the inside of his mouth. I also
gave him some left over pain medication and then he was fine again until
yesterday with the biggest fit yet that I have ever saw. He wouldnt let me
cut his claws this time and he did some substantial damage to the inside of
his mouth and he seems to be limping more than ever before on the same leg as
before. I called the vet and all they could saw was they were stumped for now
and to bring him in for more testing. Please if anyone out there has any
information of what this could be please let me know. I can't afford to keep
having the vet do tests and it is really stressing Spotty out. Thanks in

maybe some sort of tumour or similar developing onthe inside of his
mouth? can you taek him to a nother vet just for a second opinion?
your regular vet doesn;t seem to be up to the job.
one possibiilty is if there is swellign of the lip or tongue
particualrly, known as a ranula, and is casued by blockage of the
salivary glands and can also cause problem with eating. there si also
somethign called a 'rodent ulcer' a type of granuloma which can be
slow to grow and slow to heal too which could be causing this
behaviour as he is in discomfort. ths can betreated easily by a vet
but takes time and obviously the evt needs to have identified it first
(vets are human adn so fallible, yuor may not have spotted it?)

please get a second opinion and soon

"Tumour" appears to be your standard answer.

You must really like upsetting folks.- Hide quoted text -

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no, why do you think I like upsetting people? this is the answer i got
after to speaking to a friend who is a vet and asking her abuot
possible causes, do you think she put this one forward because she
likes upsetting people?