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Default My Cat Keeps Pawing at his mouth =(

On 7 May, 12:52, sheelagh wrote:
On 6 May, 21:23, Joe Canuck wrote:

sheelagh wrote:
On 6 May, 04:08, Rhonda wrote:
I'm glad you're getting a second opinion. Maybe ask an animal rescue
group or someone you trust for the name of a trusted vet. You might even
ask your vet for a referral to an internist vet.

If he stopped the pawing while on antibiotics only, I wouldn't think
it's stress related. It sounds like an infection in there somewhere,
maybe another tooth? It must really hurt. Have they taken an x-ray of
his head? Any blood tests to check for white blood cells?

Hope they can find it quickly.


Riki-Lee wrote:
Thanks for the website. The information seemed to be very helpful. I will
take him to a different vet for a second opinion with the information that
was provided. I am not sure if there are any other signs of stress. Although
every night maybe 3 or 4 times for about the last year, Spotty insists on
trying to wake me up by pawing at my face, not in a harsh way though just
enough to try to wake me up. I will give him attention and he will start
purring, but if I dose off again he will try to wake me up. He never use to
do this before, do you think that this could be stress related? Things in our
household dont seem to be different.
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I agree with this action entirely.

Please don't feel that you are being rude to your vet by asking him if
he thinks a second opinion might be the next best step. He is there to

One doesn't need to ask permission from the first vet to seek a second
opinion from another vet.

address any problems that your cat has, & if he has no answers, I am
sure that he will be only too pleased to do exactly that. I am certain
that he will want what is best for your cat too.
I wish you good luck, & ask if you wouldn't mind letting us know how
things are progressing for him in the future.
Best Wishes,
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I didn't mean to imply that she had to... merely that he would know
the best person to send her to & wouldn't mind doing this, if this was
what was holding her back. Apologies if it came across that way;o(
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don't apologise for suggesting that someone shows their vet simple
courtesy, this joe person obviously doesn't understand what simple
courtesy and respect is all about