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Default My Cat Keeps Pawing at his mouth =(

On 14 May, 16:13, "Riki-Lee via" [email protected] wrote:
I took Spotty to the new vet on Monday and he seems to think that he has
tumors in his sinus cavity. He did alot of hard knocking on Spottys head and
sent me home with some prednizone to "shrink the swelling". I have found that
spotty has always had a wide face and I dont feel it in my heart that it
could be anything like that, but I am giving the meds and taking him back for
an x ray this week, when the supposed swelling goes down.

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I am so sorry to hear this news, but hope that you find that the
prednizone helps with the swellings. It has worked very well for some
of the cats we have had here, & very much hope that it does for you