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Default Chloe goes to the vet

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Our Chloe has had diarrhoea lately so we took her to the vet to find
out what the problem was. Turned out she was slightly hyperthyroid,
so we'll be treating that. She's pretty old (about 16) so it could
have been a lot worse.

She's only been to the vet once before, years ago when she had
dental problems. I was amazed at how well she travelled. She
meowed a couple of times on being put in the carrier, but not at
all on the bus or at the surgery. She actually seemed to enjoy
the trip, looking around and purring with no effort to hide or
get out.

I wish Goofy was that relaxed with the carrier. It really bothers him

yay for Chloe's successful visit.

Yes, that's wonderful! Actually, both of those things about Chloe are
wonderful. Pickles absolutely panics when I put her in a carrier,
why she hasn't been to the vet since I realized that.


Wonderful about Chloe, for sure! Persia gets so upset when she's in the
carrier she throws up


Oh, dear! Pickles used to cuss like crazy on the way to the vet. On the
way home, she would repeatedly throw herself at the end of the carrier.
destroyed three carriers that way. I was still too stupid to realize she
did it because she was terrified, until the day she screamed when I tried
stuff her in headfirst, and Waffles jumped me from behind to defend her.


That sounds like an in teresting story. Tell us more about what

Princess (Siamese RB 16) used to moan on the way to the Vet. One day, she
was moaning loudly while we waited our turn to see Ted. A lady came in
with a large dog and Princess was themn
as quiet as a mouse. I told Ted after her exam that Princess hated the
carrier. He said "I'll betshe doesn't now" and Princess turned from him
and walked into the carrier for refuge. Best wishes. MLB

When I got the two cats, the woman who had them gave me a large plastic
carrier that would hold both of them. I managed to get it home, but I've
aged some in the few years since I got them. They each weigh about 15
pounds, and the plastic carrier is heavy when it's empty. I tried using a
small cloth carrier that I had, and Pickles busted out the end of it. I
tried a cardboard carrier the next time, and again she destroyed it. I
can't remember a third, so maybe it was only the two she ruined.

I used the plastic one for the next few visits, but it just got too heavy
for me. I got a new cloth carrier, a little bigger than the old one. It
can be opened from either the top or the end. I figured that the only way I
could get her into it and manage to zip it shut before she could get out was
to stand it on end and stuff her in head first. I got it ready and finally
managed to catch her. As I approached the couch, where I'd put the carrier,
Waffles watched. Just as I started to stuff Pickles in, she let out a
bloodcurdling scream. I've never heard anything like it, and never want to
hear it again. The second she screamed, Waffles jumped me from behind. I
actually had a scratch on my rear end.

I was so shocked, both by the scream and by Waffles' attack, that I let go
of Pickles. I sat down to think it over, and finally got it through my
thick head that her throwing herself at the end of the carrier wasn't from
rage, but from panic. Since I'm a bit claustrophobic myself, I could
understand that. I wasn't happy about the scratch, but I admire Waffles for
defending his sisfur.