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perriwinkle wrote:
My cat is indoor/outdoor. As I work overnight and can be gone for 18
hours at a time he sleeps out in the shed which I have set up as a
little house for him and he can go in and out through an opening I have
made for him. A couple of times I have heard him what I can only
describe as crying. This morning at 5am I got up to see what was wrong
with him, I don't want the neighbours complaining either. Usually the
minute I open the back door he comes running in. However this morning
when I opened the back door he was nowhere to be seen, but there was a
strange cat who jumped up on the fence and scarpered when he saw me. I
checked the shed and don't think this strange cat has gone in there.
Since there was still still no sign of my little fella, I walked around
and found him sitting quietly behind a flower pot. I assumed he was
scared stiff and I feel so bad for him. He has a few scratches on his
face and I assume they are from this other cat. I only have my guy
heading for 2 months and I have seen this other cat around before but
don't know where he lives. My cat is neutered, he is not a kitten but I
don't know how old he is. Any suggestions for what I can do to get rid
of this other bully.

Keep your cat indoors all the time.