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Default I is NOT stinky!

On Feb 11, 6:11*am, "Storrmmee" wrote:
well i shuld tell ursefta be gud anna du whatsa ted sayz ifin ursef iz sik,
butted onna ofur paw, i hatesa ted, efin owrz nize one juzt beclawz she iza
ted, OEJ"rafflescat" wrote in message


I herd myne Meomie tellin da TED tunite dat I wus stinky! Naow dis is
notted true, I just has a wittle ewimination purroblem. I gotted a
reely stinky fing called Katalax dats surposed tu hewp...we'll see, I
is not gonna take it mees not.
I awlso herd dat TED sayin I needed fixed.....huh! *I will fix him!
Meomie agweed wiff him...purrhaps mees gonna fix her tu...........
Cleo da Clingon...whu is NOT stinky!

Yes, fink mees goin tu hate TEDs tu...dey squeeze yure tummy an stick
fings in yu.....wats to wike?
Cleo,who has been squeezed n been stuck.