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Default Fences - Cats - DIY?

dgk wrote:
On Thu, 16 Aug 2012 20:59:00 -0400, Brooklyn1 Gravesend1 wrote:

Gas Bag wrote:

She wants to stop her cats getting out, and other cats getting in.
To any cat "lovers" out there, my friend isn't getting rid of her
cats, nor is she trapping/baiting any of the cats in her suburb.

Anyone who cares about their cats doesn't let them out.

Like most absolute statements, that's nonsense. Cats enjoy being
outdoors and if we really care about our cats we want them to be
happy. Safe counts but so does happy.

Sometimes there is no option, like when you live in an apartment in a
city. But I rigged the fence in my little backyard so the cats can't
get out and I let them out whenever I'm able to - of course I must be

Sure there is some risk. Maybe some critter left a hole in the fence -
raccoons and possums can do that. Maybe one will climb a tree and jump
into the next yard. I try to minimize that risk by putting Loc8tor
tags on their collars. But like any knowlegable cat owner I use
breakaway collars so even that isn't foolproof.

But they love lying on the cool earth under the evergreens, or eating
the grass or some bug. Or they just hang out on the deck and sniff the
air. Of course I don't use any pesticides or other poisons. Once or
twice a year one will catch a bird. Sometimes I'm quick enough to save
the bird. They are just so proud when they get one though. I make it
up to the birds by feeding them all winter and even putting up a
heated birdbath.

For me, the small risk that something will happen to them is more than
offset by the enjoyment they get by being "free" outside. I've had
eight cats during the 16 years that I've had this fenced in yard. Four
have died, but none because they were allowed to go out. Four are
still enjoying the yard and will do so today when I get home.

Hear, hear! I agree with you 100%. I lost one outside cat in my entire life,
and even he enjoyed being outsidfe in the neighborhood so much, that if I
had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. Some cats are just
naturally gregarious, and keeping them locked up inside a house would be a

There is more to life than just breathing, as Patrick Henry would tell you.
The joy and friendship my B-K gave to others in the neighborhood, (even the
dogs) made his freedom mandatory....